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Singapore: the cleanest country

In spite of being a small country, it is a surprising fact to learn that Singapore is one of the world’s largest trading entities and also one of the most well-equipped tourism destinations. Convenient accessibility and communication facilities around different attractions will astonish you. You will get a chance to observe ancient art, heritage structures, culture, tradition and gastronomy of various ethnic groups living in harmony at this little multiculturalism country with a mix of major ethnic groups like Chinese, Indians, and Malaysians. In addition to its family-friendly international standard theme parks, nightlife, stunning modern architecture, various adventure activities, and shopping is another reason that makes it a must-visit destination. You can make a quick transit tour during your travel to a different destination as it consists of Changi International airport, which is one of the most popular transit airports in the world. You can also include Malaysia tour package from Singapore as it takes a short 3-hour drive in a private vehicle.

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