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India: country of diversity

The South Asian country India is a second most populous country in the world and seventh largest country in the world. Because of the ethnic diversity, there is immense variety in Indian culture. Indian culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world.


India celebrates a huge number of festivals. These festivals are very diverse due to multi-religious and multi-cultural Indian society. Traditional Indian food, arts, music, sports, clothing, and architecture vary significantly across different regions. These components are influenced by various factors such as, geography, climate, and rural/urban settings. As among the people, the land of India is greatly diversified. There are deep valleys, plains, islands, mountains, desert, snowy land and lofty peaks across the country. It also has a multitudinous landscapes, great heritage and culture, varied flora and fauna. That’s the reason India is a all time favourite destinations  to millions of visitors every year.

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