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Hongkong: A city of contrast

Hong Kong is known world-wide for its glamour and luxury shopping. However, this city-state is a trove of culture and history, and offers much more than mouth-watering dim sum and a breath-taking skyline.


There is an energy about Hong Kong that is hard to describe. The city offers something new and unique every corner, whether it’s an ancient temple, an electronic shop, or a man walking his bird in a cage. As well as the city’s urban side, Hong Kong has beautiful beaches, islands, and traditional fishing villages.


Due to its status as a Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong can be viewed as an enlightening study when it comes to ancient Chinese culture and attitudes, as well as its own history and attitudes independent from China.


Undoubtedly, Hong Kong is one of the best cities in the world, but there is much more to Hong Kong than you might think. 

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